North Berwick International Highland Games

Final Week of Preparations

With the event happening this coming Saturday, the managment committee will be busy with final preparations for the event. Consequently, don't be surprised at delays in responding to any queries.

A courtesy bus will be in operation from 9.30 am to 5 pm from the rail station and tied in to the arrival times of the train.

The pipe band competitions have a record number of performances (95) meaning they will start at 9am and finish about 5.45pm. The prize giving will commence shortly after that and it is hoped to be completed about 7pm. There will be no march down to the High Street as a consequence.

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Highland Dancing Competition 2014

The entry form for the Highland Dancing competition held under SOHDA rules is now available using this link. Please note we host the competition but can't answer specific questions about the type of dances or steps used. You need to contact SOHDA as they organise and judge the event.

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Stalls for 2014

We have revised the layout for stalls at this year's event. This has partially led to the loss of the Solo Piping Competition this year.

The main walkway will have stalls as per usual. At the South end will be the catering units and beer tent. The craft tent will be in the same position as last year. Heading West towards Dunbar Road and The Co-op will be amusement stalls. For the first time we will have some stalls going along Dunbar Road, in amongs the trees.

We have decided to have two stall sizes. There will be no more than 6 charity stalls. We will not have the same number of amusment stalls as previously - only 6.

An application form is available for download here.

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