Some Good News

We’ve just heard that work to convert the lower pitch to an artificial playing surface will not commence until after our event.

We do therefore, have full access to the entire park and the zero turn mowers have been out in force, we do not have to “faff about” with alternative parking arrangements this year. Next year will be different but at least we will have one full year to plan.

Highland Dancing Competition 2013

Entries are now being accepted for this year’s Highland Dancing Competition. This competition is held under Scottish Official Highland Dancing Association rules and any enquiries regarding the format or steps used should go to that Association. You can check out their web-site using the link on the right. You can download a copy of the entry form using the link below

Highland Dancing 2013 Entry Form

Stall Holders 2013

For anyone who wishes to apply for a stall at this year’s Games please find an application form available for downloading below.

We will have a craft tent with 12 places, use the same form but send it to the correct address on the form.

We do not yet know how much space we have this year. It is expected that work to convert the bottom pitch into a 3G artifical surface may be ongoing at the time of our Games. This pitch is normally used for car-parking. Without that area being available we may have to re-jig the entire site which may result in a reduction in number of slots. We will try and put on some more activities such as trampolines and dining.

Stall Holders Application 2013

2012 Games Report

The day started off dull, overcast with a haar covering the coast and slightly inland. Viewing the arena first thing in the morning I was struck by the “spiders webs” covering the field.  The haar (mist to some) stayed most of the day with the sun breaking through after 4 pm to bring a good end to the day.

The Pipe Band Championships had 79 performances through-out the day starting very early – about 9.15 am and finishing shortly before 5 pm. Unfortunately the prize giving took far too long and the march down to the High Street did not begin until 6.45 pm. We will have to re-visit this again as it’s meant to start at 6 pm at the latest.

The heavy events saw 8 men competing and after last year’s female demonstration event, there was an actual female competition this year with 4 women competing.

Solo Piping and Highland Dancing events also took place and there was some discussion regarding increasing the Solo Piping in future.

Attendance was around 4,200 spectators which, regrettably, is down again.I think we need some good weather in the run-up to the actual day to improve this. We did however have some cool stuff like a quadcopter filming part of it.

Results for some of the competitions can be found using the links below.


Heavy Results 2012

Results of Pipe Band Competition can be found using this link

Games Day Approaches

Just to confirm this year’s Games are ON and taking place this Saturday.

The park is currently being set up, there are one or two areas that are soggy and we won’t be using, the Highland Dancing area has been moved.

Conditions underfoot are slightly soft but currently drying under the sun but we’d still recommend wellies be worn on Saturday. As the ground is soft we’d recommend anyone coming to use the rail and bus services rather than car as on-site parking may be restricted.

Stall Applications

Deadline for applying for a stall at this year’s Games has passed. No further applications will be accepted.

It is our intention to inform successful applicants by 8th July that they have been successful.

We may however be looking for a DJ who can come and also supply their own equipment such as headphones.

Pipe Band Competition 2012

Please note that we don’t handle entry forms for the Pipe Band Competition itself, we act as hosts for the event, the competition is handled by the Lothian and Borders branch of the RSPBA.

If you are seeking an entry form please use the link below and scroll down to the 4th August where you will find a link to the entry form for our Games.

Heavy Events 2012

The entry form for this year’s heavy events is now available for download.

We are now running a full women’s event in addition to the men’s this year. Last year’s demonstration event went down very well and has resulted in some interest.

The entry form is available here NBHGHeavyEntryForm20121.

Stall Holders may apply for stalls for this year’s Games

The application form for Stall Holders in now available for download using this link 2012StallsApplication. It’s also available on the download page.

The deadline for application is 1st July and you will receive confirmation that you have a place by 8th July.

This year, for the first time, we are asking anyone who wants a ‘craft stall’ to detail what craft you are going to demonstrate. If you’re not doing a demonstration you must apply for an ordinary stall.

All charities applying for a stall must quote their Charity Registration number, If you don’t have one, you’re not eligible for the charity discount rate.

Highland Dancing Competition

Highland Dance (Photo credit: Trevor Dennis)

Highland Dance (Photo credit: Trevor Dennis)

The entry form for this year’s Highland Dancing competition is now available for download from this link: NorthBerwickHighlandGamesDanceComp20121 and the download page.